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Information and communication technology (ICT) holds an important position as the core technology in every field of society. This department produces highly-skilled information system engineers who have in-depth knowledge of computer science and software engineering and can play a key role in a wide variety of fields of application.

Course introduction

* Courses will be selected as the student progresses.

System Design Course

Our goal is to help students become software designers and system engineers capable of designing information systems and carrying out practical corporate implementation. Students will acquire essential skills and techniques as a creative technologist in the Internet society, while mastering specialized professional fields.

Computer Science Course

Our aim is to foster professionals who can analyze various social phenomena based on information technologies and have the ability to present and solve problems. Students will be expected to enhance their academic abilities while mastering their information science skills and knowledge to respond to our rapidly-changing society.

Robotics & Embedded Systems Course

Our goal is to provide students with the necessary skills to become professional software technologists capable of planning and developing software embedded in devices such as industrial robots, mobile telephones, video game consoles, household electronics, industrial devices and communication equipment. Students are expected to master technologies related to the development of embedded software as well as hardware-based systems such as robotics control.

Space Information System Course

Our aim is to help students to become professional software technologists capable of developing earth observation and other space-related information systems that are required to be of the highest quality and reliability. Students will learn the knowledge and technologies necessary for the space industry and other space development-related projects.

Tourism Information System Course

Our aim is to help students to become professional software technologists capable of using system development and information science technologies to promote tourism and regional revitalization. Students will learn system development technologies that enable the use of tourism data, production of tourism media content and related information provision based on information technologies for tourism promotion and regional revitalization.

IT Architecture Course (Advancement to Graduate Studies Required)

Our aim is to assist students in becoming information systems professionals specialized in information system architecture. Students will learn the information processing technologies required to deal with rapid development cycles, and acquire the knowledge and technical skills of related fields while bolstering their academic knowledge base.

Subjects available (AY 2013, scheduled)

Specialized subjects: Introduction to ICT, Computer System I, Computer System II, Basic Informatics, Introduction to Programming, Basic Programming, Introduction to Java Object-orientation, Basic Web Technology, Basic System Development I, Basic System Development II, Project Trial, Special Seminar on Information, Introduction to Management, Introduction to E-business, Mechanism of Distribution, Applied E-business, Computerized Accounting, Introduction to Information System Science I, Introduction to Information System Science II, E-business Model Analysis, International Collaboration