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To foster outstanding individuals able to create a prosperous future for our IT-oriented society To foster outstanding individuals able to create a prosperous future for our IT-oriented society

Toru Matsuo

Toru Matsuo

Born in 1944. After graduating from the Faculty of Economics at Keio University, Toru Matsuo worked at Arthur Andersen & Co., and then become the representative director and president of Software Consultant Corporation in 1993.
He assumed the post of a director at Electronics Development Computer College in December 1988, and has since contributed greatly to the development of Hokkaido Information University, playing a role in its foundation, the opening of the School of Distance Learning and the establishment of the Graduate School. He became the chairman of Electronics Development Computer College in September 1998.

Founding Principle

Hokkaido Information University was founded in 1989 by Dr. Saburo Matsuo, a pioneer of information education in Japan, with the principle of creating a new university and new academic fields for an information-oriented society.

University Mission/Goals

The dawning of the information-oriented society was heralded by a proliferation of international information systems. At HIU, where we have incorporated “Information” as part of our school name, our mission can be summed up as follows: “In the spirit of academia-industry cooperation, we seek to nurture advanced information and communication technology professionals, instilling them with an understanding of the value of internationalization, cultivating their innovation and sense of humanity, and ensuring they are capable of contributing to the development of our information-oriented society through a specialized education based on solid practical groundwork.”
Surrounded by the rich natural environment of Nopporo Primeval Forest, a symbol of the development of Hokkaido, the university’s campus is a place for creative research and education, and it provides learning opportunities for students across the country via advanced correspondence education. To contribute to the development of our IT-oriented society as a university designed to expand the scope of information application, we aim to fulfill the functions shown below:

  • To nurture highly-skilled information specialists
  • To be a base for correspondence education on information
  • To provide liberal arts education that develops an international awareness and a rich sense of humanity
  • To be a base of regional contribution and academic-industrial collaboration

Educational Aims

The 21st-century society is reliant upon information technology. Accordingly, HIU’s education focuses on developing the necessary IT skills, techniques and knowledge to produce IT professionals who are indispensable in the increasingly information-oriented society of tomorrow. This core education is supported by the cultivation of both broad background knowledge and a variety of specialized fields. We also focus on developing international awareness and the skills required for the era of internationalized information, in addition to broad knowledge which will allow the creation of value-added information and personal qualities such as sensitivity, morals and communicative abilities.

  • A motivated education will foster a lifetime of self-directed learning.
  • Practical education will encourage students to master useful, advanced information technologies and gain specialized knowledge.
  • Human-oriented education will foster a sense of global values and morals while engendering a richness of spirit.
  • Awareness and the ability to confidently express oneself will provide solid communication and presentation skills.
  • A focus on problem-identification and problem-solving skills will allow students to independently identify problems and use their own knowledge to develop solutions.
  • A comprehensive education will allow students to not only acquire knowledge but also develop the wisdom required to live fruitful lives.

Suguru Sawai

Suguru Sawai

Dr. Sawai graduated from the Electronic Science & Engineering Course at Kyoto University’s Faculty of Engineering in March 1973. In April of the same year he began working at Sony Corporation, where he held various posts including the titles of Principal Researcher and Executive Manager of the Advanced Design & Production Center’s Development Planning Office. He earned a Doctor of Engineering Degree from Hokkaido University in 1995. From September 2009 he served as a Professor at Hokkaido Information University’s Department of System and Informatics, and took up the post of Vice-President of the university in April 2014 and became the president in 2017.

Jun Nishihira

Jun Nishinira

Shigeto Watanabe
Shigeto Watanabe
Dean of the Faculty of Business
Administration and Information Science
Yuuji Sato
Yuuji Sato
Dean of the Faculty of Medical Informatics
Shinya Matsui
Shinya Matsui
Dean of the Faculty of Information Media

Course Introduction

Course Introduction