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Graduate School of
Business Administration
and Information Science

Master’s Degree Course

Specialists in their fields with
advanced specialized knowledge and
next-generation skills

The Graduate School is a place to develop specialized knowledge and technical expertise through in-depth research activities. Students are required to obtain 32 credits or more, including those for a master thesis, in two years before receiving a master’s degree (Business Administration and Information Science). Students must select one course from the three fields provided below.

Accounting Management Field

Students will be trained with regard to new business strategies required in the age of globalization to become advanced professionals in the very socially important accounting and management areas.

System Design Field

Students will master a variety of practical information technologies that support today’s ubiquitous computing environment, becoming high-level data processing specialists, and advanced system engineers or network specialists.

Creative Media Field

Students will acquire a broad range of specialized knowledge and skills on information processing as a foundation for a new digital media world and the production and design of media content for creative outputs, becoming professionals in related occupational categories.

International Exchange

International Exchange

An international exchange agreement was signed by Hokkaido Information University and Nanjing University in May, 1999. And an international exchange agreement was signed by HIU and Shenyang Normal University in December, 2003. A short-term study abroad program at the University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC) started in 2002. UCSC is a famous university with a large campus near Silicon Valley. Additionally, an international exchange agreement with Rajamangala University of Technology, Thanyaburi in Thailand was signed in July, 2008.
Furthermore, a short-term study abroad program at the Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWIT) was initiated in 2009.
LWIT was founded in 1949 and offers affordable professional and technical training for today’s job market. Training is available in 35 programs, with more than 100 professional/technical degrees.