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With the advancement and spread of information technology (IT), the reform of business operations and organizations has become indispensable for the growth and development of enterprises. This department fosters professionals who have profound academic insight, a global perspective and practical IT knowledge and skills related to the planning, analysis and administrative abilities necessary to drive reform.

Course introduction

* Courses will be selected as the student progresses.

E-Business Course

Our goal is to foster professionals who have the practical ability to combine business and IT. Internet-based information technologies have already penetrated every aspect of business. Through topics related to e-business and service innovation, students are expected to master the latest skills and theories in order to introduce and implement models based on leading-edge cases in the business world.

IT Entrepreneurship Course

Our aim is to help students become professionals with the ability to conceptualize and realize new styles of business. While gaining knowledge of the fundamental theories necessary to start and operate a business, such as venture business theory, marketing theory, distribution system theory, and business planning, students will also gain hands-on training in the formulation of specific business plans.

IT Business Administration Strategy Course

Our goal is to produce students who will become professionals with abilities in high demand in the melding fields of business administration strategy and information technology. Students are expected to master the practical skills and theories required to solve enterprise-level problems using IT through business strategy, business administration management, project management and business simulation exercises.

E-Finance Management Course

Our aim is to inspire students to become professionals capable of using IT to analyze the accumulated financial data of an enterprise and planning future business strategies. Students are expected to acquire knowledge of financial fields such as bookkeeping theory, finance accounting theory and managerial accounting, combined with practical techniques and theories such as computerized accounting, financial analysis theory and management science.

Service Management Course

In any contemporary mature market, it is difficult to retain earnings if customers are not satisfied with goods despite their low prices and high quality. Under these circumstances, adding value to service is extremely important. Students will learn advanced business administration including service management, hospitality theory and tourism service theory as an application of service management and hospitality theory.

Subjects available (AY 2013, scheduled)

Specialized subjects: Introduction to Management, Mechanism of Distribution, Computerized Accounting, Introduction to E-business, Applied E-business, Self-Discovery Seminar, Project Seminar I, Project Seminar II, Seminar I, Seminar II, Seminar III, Graduation Thesis, Administration Theory, Administrative Strategy Theory, Web Business Theory, Venture Business Theory, E-business Model Analysis, Bookkeeping Principle System Theory I, Bookkeeping Principle System Theory II, Intellectual Property Rights Theory, International Collaboration